hello yes happy rappy


Anon said once that I don’t draw Kanaya enough. And that’s true.


JOHN: hey Dad… i’m 18 now!

JOHN: but i’ll always be your kid, huh?

i know it’s late but i blame this. also that cake’s probably not safe to eat john…


"I am your knight, brother. I am sworn to your every word."

"Every word?"

"Anything you see fit.

"Kiss me."


someone on my dash said john was apathetic and uncaring and i got upset



embarrassing genetically engineered crab monster parents, amirite


Quick Tavros doodle before work before the art bursts out of me like an alien. Just two more days

I’m not sure why I picture Tavros so tall but I can’t unpicture it. Being tall and awkward and unconfident is just a cute mix, I don’t know..


Im late on this and I don’t care 


hi! my name’s dave, and the artwork above belongs to my lovely and talented friend, sarah.

the two of us are in a bit of a sticky pickle at the moment. i need money because i can’t afford my meds (which i take for bipolar and severe depression) and she can barely afford rent. soon, i will be out of a place to live, so i am trying to get the funds together to fly out to sarah’s home in iowa so i don’t have to move back in with my abusive father.

if you donate ten dollars or more to our paypal (donation buttons located on both her blog and mine), sarah will draw you a picture of anything you like! anything. anything. if you aren’t totally sold yet, here are some more gorgeous examples of her art.

please consider donating! we both really, really need the money, as i have expanded upon here. even if you can’t donate, reblog this post and spread the word, please. much love from us to you.